Friday, June 10, 2005

the ginger beer experiement

I've been trying to get a ginger bug going for a while. I finally got one going & made a batch of natural, fermented ginger soda. I had a 1gal glass apple juice jug to use as a fermentation vessel. I went to mix up ingredients, and on a whim decided to double it.

Yes, I made 2 gallons of ginger soda.

It scaled well. The only part that was really a lot of work was juice lemons. I did it by hand, with only a fork to help me. 5 is my limit. I'll try to find a basic juicer, so that lemons scale, too.

Ingredients: ginger bug (ginger, water, sugar, 1Tbs whey), ginger, lemon, sugar, water.

After putting the mix into the vessels, I put the lids on, but left them loose. As it ferments it generates carbon dioxide. Loose lids lets excess CO2 escape, and also lets it displace the O2 at the top. After a few days I tightend the lids. As the pressure builds, this disolves CO2 in the liquid, making it fizzy.

Tonight I decided to try some. It was fizzy, sweet-but-not-too-sweet, and very gingery. (Note to self: use less ginger for wider appeal). I like it, and I bet ginger lovers will like it, too.

What I've made here is basically soda, but it's good for you (organic ingredients, ginger, lactobaccilus) unlike commercial soda (corn syrup, high glycemic index, carmel color, processed flavors, caffine, and no nutrients of any kind).

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Thatgirl said...

I'm trying to get a ginger bug going and like you, haven't had much luck with the first tries. I am in the same area as you almost- just across the border in Canada. I'd love it if you could share what finally worked for you- I suspect this part of the world is a bit chilly for some fermentations- and if you could drop me a line if you have some good advice for me as well as a few moments, I'd be quite grateful.
You can reach me at
Thanks and I've been enjoying reading your blog,

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