Friday, June 10, 2005

beet kvass results

beet kvass. This was interesting. It was quite salty, a bit sour, and very beet-y. The rest of the family didn't like it, but I thought it was OK.

I have finished the first batch (2 quarts), and the second batch is sitting in the fridge. It should keep well.


Anonymous said...

actually a real russian beet kvas should be prepared the following way:
Put 2-3 middle size chopped beets in 4 litter bottle
Add about 20 raisins
Add 1 whole garlic
Add 100 gr raw honey
Add 150-200 gr sugar
Add 200-250 gr Rye bread
Add 3 litter room temperature boiled water.
Now you can stir it.
Cover with material.
Put it in a dark room temperature for 5-6 days.
Now you can strain it and drink it.

I am sure your family will like it.
Plus it is very healthy.


Jay Bazuzi said...

спасибо! That does look interesting, and I will give it a try. Some more questions:

Why do you boil the water?

Do you peel the garlic, or throw the bulb in whole?

Why are there 3 sources of sugar? (raisins, honey, sugar).

What are the ingredients in traditional Russian rye bread?

Oh, and if "спасибо" doesn't mean thank-you, blame babelfish :-)

Anonymous said...

If you take water from the tap, it is better to boil it before use.
It is only suggestion.
Garlic can be peeled. Otherwise is possible also, but will make it stronger.
3 source of sugar to make it more tasty.
I am not sure about ingredients in traditional Russian rye bread. Probably you can find something similar in russian food store(if you have one nearby).

It is correct about "thank you".

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