Friday, March 26, 2010

WAYK Arabic - Travel's with Charlie

When using Where are Your Keys? to learn a language, we use Technique: Travel's with Charlie to describe different levels of language skill, based on the ACTFL scale.

Here is my translation of this scale for Palestinian Arabic:

Level 1 - Tabouli Babaghanoujh Hummos.
Level 2 - How to make hummos.
Level 3 - Explain why olive oil is so good for you.
Level 4 - Negotiate peace if the Middle East.

To put it another way:

Level 1 - Eat Arabic food
Level 2 - Make Arabic food
Level 3 - Why Arabic food
Level 4 - Get everyone to eat Arabic food


Rivers said...

Hi Jay,

I should do the same thing with Squamish language instead of the "Tarazn", "Larry King", "Charlie Rose", references. We did change the technique from "Travels with Charlie" to "Travels with Peter" because no one in Canada knows who Charlie Rose is, but we do have a guy named Peter Mansbridge....haha

I would probably make an alteration to your "Roadmap" as kind feedback:

Level 1 - Hummos
Level 2 - How to Make Hummos
Level 3 - The best hummos gramma used to make
Level 4 - How could amazing hummos bring peace to the Middle East?


Level 1 - What is Arabic Food
Level 2 - Making Arabic Food
Level 3 - The Best Times I've Had Arabic Food
Level 4 - What does Arabic food brings to the world?

I'd be interested to see what Evan and/or Willem think about this though! Very cool stuff, and I deeply enjoy your video's!

Willem said...


I love your spin on Travels with Charlie!

I agree with Dustin; I'd make the "advanced/larry king" level "telling stories about food", but the superior level could totally be "why olive oil is good for [the editorial] you".



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