Saturday, March 13, 2010

WAYK Arabic 2 - CraigsList Mine/Yours

As a followup to my initial What's That? video, I present a "Craigs List" of Mine / Yours / etc.

As before, this video is meant to plug in to a Where are your Keys game that you run, not to lead you in a game.  See to learn more.

Arabic words are often modified based on the gender of the person you're talking about. So, for example, "your"  is different for a boy or a girl. I don't know a good way to represent this in ASL. Ideally we'd develop some pidgin sign technique for this aspect of Arabic, which would apply through WAYK Arabic.


Willem said...

You're beginning to run into the heart of what WAYK begins demanding; because of the male/female split in possessives, you may want to "limit" to just "mine/yours", and then add the sign for Man and Woman along with the ASL possessive.

I think you can do this pretty easily, actually; the ASL sign for woman, for example, is your open palm facing to the side, and your thumb touching your chin. You then touch your thumb to your chest; but you could just drop your open palm against your chest after touching your chin.

It's always way more complicated to explain in text, but essentially, I think this is very doable.

When are we going to see you at a language night here in Portland? We'd love to help you with building the "bite-sized pieces" in arabic.

I'm so glad you're making these videos.


Jay Bazuzi said...

Hmm, that combination of signs could work. I was thinking about ignoring the gender rules to get going (Technique: Mumble). Now that I think about it, that's a grammar rule that could be described in the target language without learning a bunch of extra words. "When I say YOUR to a man, I say YOUR-MALE."

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