Friday, November 23, 2007

PowerShell DSLs: Hash table input

lassOne way to take PowerShell DSL input is in the form of a hash table. Taking from the Data Type with Builder example, you could write input as:

kind = 'class'
name = 'MyClass'
accessibilty = 'public'
members = @{
type = 'string'
name = 'S'

How do you consume this input? Here's an example. (Note that the code generation side is not the focal point here -- the way that we interpet the input is what matters.)

if ($input.kind = 'class') {
" $($input.accessibilty) class $($ {"

$input.members | foreach {
" public $($_.type) $($;"

" }"


Which generates this output:

public class MyClass {
public System.String S;

This approach seems most effective when you need to express a lot of attributes on a single element. The downside is that the input seems a bit verbose and unnatural in some cases.

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