Friday, January 12, 2007

Lee on Writer's Block

I just read Lee Holmes' post entitled Break your Writer's Block. He's right, and I think his suggestions can help me get blogging again.

My favorite quote:
you’ll find that you can produce more random junk in a minute than you could
have imagined.

It's true!

I read Lee's blog because he works on PowerShell, which I just mentioned. Neat.


Laura said...

Hi Jay! I just found your blog while searching for Kefir grains. I'm married to a Jay who works at MS, too! Small world. I've got a blog that goes into excrutiating detail about the life of the SAHM to two boys - one with Autism. Anyway, just thought I'd say, "Hi!"

Jay Bazuzi said...

Funny. :-)

I would offer to share my kefir grains, but since the twins were born I have trouble keeping up with them, so my stash is pretty small these days. If you are feeling dedicated, I'll give you a single, tiny grain, and you can grow it. It'll double every 10 days or so, if you take good care of it.

Alternately, you could find someone else who makes kefir more than me. They will certainly have plenty to spare. I know I have given it to 3-4 people at Microsoft already, so there should be someone.

If you want some of mine, have your Jay send me a mail at work.

What else do you ferment?

Ian Adams said...

This is very true. In fact, I started my own blog partly as a means of just being able to constantly write, so that I could get over writer's block and get into the habit of writing, since I'm trying to do some screenplays. So far it's worked! :)

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