Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gee, I wish I was blogging

I haven't been posting much over that last year, for two reasons. If you're a parent, I'm sure you understand how much work it is to have an infant in the house.

If you're not a parent of twins, consider this: with a single baby, there's usually one parent busy with a baby, and one that has both hands free for other activities. When the busy one needs both hands free, they can trade.

With two babies, both parents are usually busy with a baby. If one needs both hands free, the other parent has to take both babies, which they can only do for so long.

It's certainly not as hard as it was when 6 months ago. Today the babies like to play on their own (emptying kitchen cupboards, for example) and that gives us time to do other things (yay, a shower!).

I know that some people have an even harder time of it than we do. Some people have triplets, or more. We have friends that had two sets of twins. Some people parent alone. Some don't have the option to have a parent stay at home with the kids. Many struggle just to get enough money to get by.

I'm very greatful to all the family that has come to visit & help. My wife's parents have come out 3 times in the last year. My brother & his girlfriend moved in with us for 16 weeks! My dad, my siblings-in-law, and my wife's high school friend have all come out for a week or so. It has made a huge difference. I wish my mom could have.

Well, I have plenty of things I want to blog about, but not enough time to write them the way I want to. I think I"ll try just whipping them out quickly, and see how that goes.

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