Monday, October 16, 2006

The money thing

So, I did end up creating a blog about my personal finances.  I couldn't really decide if it was important to be secret about my identity or not.  It bugs me that we have all these social rules about keeping secrets, mostly about sex & money, two things that seem to occupy our attention a lot of the time.
I didn't make it anonymous because I believe it's important to keep it secret.  I made it anonymous because I couldn't decide, but I know how to go from anonymous to onymous, but not the other way around.  That is, I took the "safe" bet.
If you are a reader of this blog, and would like a pointer to my money blog, drop me a line.


Avaylee said...

I am going to be reading "Your Money or Your Life" fairly soon here, in order to better understand what the purpose of our money is. I had someone once describe it as frozen energy... I liked the analogy. it made sense that I would want to put my energy into local and organic rather than giant megacorp, etc etc. I need to re-figure what our ideals are, and how our finances are helping/hindering us.

Is the money discussion from a specific idea that you had, or problem you're working on specific to your family, or more of a curiosity about what you are spending on?

Jay Bazuzi said...

I manage my money in a way that is unusual. (At least, I believe that to be the case, but since we don't talk about it, it's hard to be sure).

I think I generally make wise decisions about my money. My first hope is that others can learn from my example, to help them figure out a way that works well for them.

A second hope is to learn from others, as they comment on what I do. To give me some perspective.

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