Friday, October 20, 2006

How much can you do on a bike?

Bikes at Work has some impressive examples:

delivering 10 bags of groceries plus 15 rolls of paper towels and 70 packages of toilet paper

And I thought pulling 3 kids was a lot!  So now I'm all excited about how much I can do with a bike, instead of using the car.  If I can keep up the riding through the winter, then by spring I should be in good enough shape to start taking on a bit more.

What else can be done on a bike?

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Jan Bosman said...

Every week or so, I bike 2.5 miles into downtown Duvall to get groceries with my hiking backpack on. Biking into town is all downhill or flat, and takes maybe 15 minutes depending on traffic. Biking back is uphill the first half of the way back home. I can fit about $100 worth of groceries in my bag, depending what I get and how I pack it, and it comes out to 40 or 50lbs (I'm guessing. Maybe next time I'll add the weight figures up on all the things I buy just to see). The hills are 25-35 degree inclines, so I just walk up most of them ones, though that's still a good workout with the pack and a bike in hand. I'm usually totally worn out by the time I get home. Part of that is the odd weight distribution of having all that shit on my back - I imagine it feels significantly different with an attachment on the back of your bike. It's difficult enough to get up those hills now with no cargo in tow, so my aim is to be able to do that without walking. Much to the chagrin of my muscles, half the time I try and give that a go, I have baggage or groceries in tow, and I just end up feeling like I've smoked three packs of cigarettes by the time I get home.

Hooray excersize!

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