Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sailing with the son

Saturday I decided to take my 3.5 year old sailing. He needed to get out of the house, and his mom was feeling ill & needed rest. So we grabbed our gear & drove downtown. Of course I had forgotten that the SR-520 bridge was closed, and had to take a long detour along with the rest of the normal 520 bridge traffic.

We got there eventually & rented a Blanchard Jr. Knockabout. Reid came out to the bow to help me rig the jib, which he was pretty excited about. Then I sailed us in to the lake & gave him the tiller. He steered most of the time, until it was time to come in. We had an argument about who would dock! I was surprised just how sure he is that he can dock. No fear, I guess.

It was a real blast for both of us.

Sunday I went back. Taught a class in the morning (didn't touch a line or tiller the whole time!), and crewed on the Nautilus II in the afternoon (neat boat, but not much for me to do).


paul said...

Saw you linked to my pictures from the Wooden Bpat Festival. So were you on the Nautilus II when I was on it? I took my kids on the first trip out (noon, I think).

Jay Bazuzi said...

Paul: I was on the Nautilus a week later. I've never gone out on the water during a Festival because there are so many people who already want to get out. I know that I'll be back at CWB soon, and get myself out of the way of the general public who's wanting to go sail.

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