Tuesday, July 19, 2005

hot meat!

I'm sitting here at my desk eating some chicken thighs for my lunch. I just pulled them out of the microwave down the hall. They're good.

Thighs have more fat than, say, breasts, which is yummy. This I understand.

There's a little salt on them from when they were cooked a few days ago. Salt is yummy. This I understand.

But there's something else. The very fact that the meat is piping hot makes them taste better.

Why is that? I'm not sure, but I have two theories:

1. The fat melts in the heat, allowing it to flow out of the meat & into my taste buds. As I mentioned, I like the taste of animal fat.

2. Humans have evolved to eat fresh meat. Fresh = the beast's heart is still pounding out its last beats. Just before its eyes fade, it sees you take a bite of freshly-carved meat, its blood dripping down your chin. Meat tastes best at body temperature.

What do you think?


Travis said...

Did we evolve to eat fresh meat, or did we evolve to eat cooked meat? I thought our evolutionary ancestors discovered fire, and we've since evolved a reliance on cooked meat.

Jay Bazuzi said...

Well, I wasn't there, so I can't say for sure :-).

Anonymous said...


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