Wednesday, May 18, 2005


As you know, I'm trying to do more of my own food preparation. I hope to make food that is better for us. That has spread to gardening. We now have strawberries & carrots growning, and just bought two tomato plants. This morning I got a mail from my wife that a friend of hers has two egg-laying chickens that she wants to give away. Should we take them? I don't know anything about chickens, and I don't know if I balance the responsibility of caring for chickens, caring for my family, caring for myself, and work. But it means very fresh, known-good eggs for the family. And it would probably be a good experience for my son.



Tim said...

There are a couple of houses in my new neighborhood in Wallingford that keep chickens. If you find no other source, they might have some info or pointers.

I'd love to keep some chickens -- but not while I'm still renting.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend at work that has a bunch of egg-laying chickens. The biggest hardship they face is making sure that the chickens get enough daylight hours up here during the winter. They had to install lights and timers and such in the coop.

Another "I know someone that might be able to help if you can't find anyone else" post. ~grin~

-- Laurel.

happygardeningmama said...

I say go for it! I realize I am responding many weeks after the chickens were initially offered to you, but we have a backyard flock and love it. The initial work of coop and run building may take time, but after that the chickens take care of themselves, requiring daily food & water, just like a cat or dog--but they don't need our attention they way cats & dogs do. Feel free to check out

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