Monday, April 18, 2005

FermentaWeekend - Pancakes with yogurt

Made pancakes for breakfast. Instead of syrup I put homemade yogurt on the pancake. Homemade yogurt from good milk tastes amazing. Last time I put cardamom and nutmeg on them, which was good, but this time I just forgot.

I'm trying to reduce how much sugar I eat, and using yogurt on pancakes is one way to do it.

The yogurt was from the week before. However, I read a note that yogurt tastes best the day after you make it. I am asking myself what it would take to make yogurt in small batches nightly. Is there a way I could optimize it so that it wouldn’t be a big burden?

Suppose I skipped the step of sterilizing by heating it to 180 degrees:

- Turn on oven light to preheat
- Put 1qt of milk + 1T of yogurt in a containter. Mix.
- Put it in the oven, leave it overnight.
- Move it to the fridge.

Maybe I'll try this when I get raw milk in a couple weeks. Raw milk does a little better if you leave it at room temperature - it sours instead of rotting to putridity. Perhaps that means that this minimal approach to yogurt can work for raw milk.

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