Tuesday, April 12, 2005

FermentaWeekend - Friday

Wow, what a big weekend of fermentation.

Friday night my son fell asleep early, the my wife & I worked on cleaning the kitchen. We had fallen behind, and it needed the work.

We ate a chicken at dinner, and had the carcess all cleaned. We also had a bunch of bones in the freezer that we bought at Whole Foods. Chicken feet, turkey backs, and a turkey neck. All went in to a big pot of water, with a little carrot, celery, and onion (in big pieces). Brought to a boil, and then lowered to Low to simmer for a while.

Strained the kefir and combined with flour (1c of each). Covered & let sit next to the pot, where it would keep warm. This predigests the flour, making nutrients easier to absorb.

Left this going overnight.

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