Monday, November 15, 2004

Relationships take work

This isn't very novel. I'm just putting it here to establish a base for future posts.

All relationships take work. Most of the work is in connection. Sharing how you’re feeling, and understanding how they feel. I’ve found that
NVC is an excellent tool to help me connect with the people I care about.

The more value we want out of a relationship, the more work we’ll have to put in. My relationship with my family is the one that I want to work hardest at. Spending a lot of my time at work means that I have to be very deliberate about connecting with family.

Sometimes we forget to work on an important relationship, and it starts to sour. If we’re not careful, we respond to the bitterness with resentment before we recognize the need for work, and the relationship will head in to a downward spiral. Various stresses can make this worse.

If we notice the need for work before the relationship is completely destroyed, then we have a chance to put in that work & start to do repair. It can be really hard, and very painful, but that’s what it takes, and it’s worth it in the end.


Jan Bosman said...


It's been too long since we've seen or heard from one another! Though that's partly my fault for being out in the wild, tracking wolves or some such, when I'm in the Seattle area.

I want to say thank you for all the games you've sent me in the past - because I'm on my way to becoming a Game Designer, and your 'contribution' to that end really helped. And I know it's long overdue. :)

Google is amazing. I was curious if Julie still did game testing (given that Sierra is now kaput), but instead I found your blog. So, in an effort to work on a long-neglected relationship... howdy! How's life?

Warmest regards,


Jay Bazuzi said...

Jan, hey! Long time....

I hope the wolves are treating you well. Drop me an email - jbazuzi at gmail.

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