Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bush supports Amnesty International

I originally wrote this on my professional blog, but heard from a lot of folks that it wasn't the right forum.

I toned it down quite a bit in the first place. I plan to go in to more detail here later.

The comments were quite impassioned. I invite you to read them.

For now, here's the text of the original post:

I'm pretty pissed off about a lot of things that I see my goverment doing right now. For example, we claim to be fighting a "War on Terrorism", but we're missing a few important facts:

  • The US is the #1 perpetrator of terrorism world-wide
  • After Sept 11, the US took steps to increase suffering world-wide
  • Groups like al-Qaida see no point in negotiating with the US; they believe we will only respond to displays of force.

Since the start of the "War on Terror", the world has become a less safe place. Our use of force sets a precedent for, and distracts attention from terror at the hands of other oppressive regimes. We give them license to commit evil.

In the middle of all this, the Bush Administration announced that the government was issuing a tax refund. We got a check for $600 last year.

What better way to use that money, than to support the human rights that our government's actions are destroying.

So yesterday I went to the Amnesty International web site & made a donation for $600. I hope it helps.

Dear Mr. Bush: Congratulations on your recent re-election. I want to encourage you to continue sending refunds my way, so I can send them right to AI.

[1] Chomsky in October 2001

[2] AI on the War on Terror


Anonymous said...

I think that you did the right thing moving this post to your personal Blog. While I do not agree with your views, I do respect your right to your opinion and defend your right to voice them. Moving posts of this type to a personal Blog will allow you to continue to state your opinions without fear of conflict of interest or negative repercussions from your employer or co-workers.

Haacked said...

I'm Sad you moved it but oh well. Do you have a feed link?

Jay Bazuzi said...

I only know the Atom feed:

I found that SharpReader was fine with

Mark Levison said...

Jay its sad that anyone suggested that your post was inappropriate for your "Professional blog". In the few months I've been reading your blog, I've appreciated your candor, humour and plain speaking. When I subscribe to someone's blog - I subscribe precisely because they're human and will express a range of ideas and opinions (often disagreeing with my own). It seems sad that people are so close minded that they are upset when they see an opinion that differs from their own.

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