Wednesday, June 28, 2006

(NSFW) A funny memory

Today I was in the kitchen here at work, making a cup of tea. (STASH decaf vanilla nut creme tea, if you're curious). I noticed a box of miniature creamer cups, and decided to use one in my tea. Of course, if I put it in right away, it would cool the water & prevent the tea from steeping as well. As I reached to put it in my pocket, I suddenly had a memory...

I had just turned 15. (I turn 32 in a couple days, to put it in perspective.) I was at SUUSI for the first time. I had just met a girl, and we had eaten dinner at the cafeteria together.

On the way out, I saw some creamer cups, and decided to grab a couple as a snack for later.

We went back to my dorm room to chat. After a few minutes, we decided to kiss. (Yeah, I think we talkeed it over first.) She walked over & sat down on my lap. Just as we started to kiss, I realized something felt a little... odd.

The cream had burst in my pocket, leaving a wet, white splotch on my shorts.

I can guess what she thought when she saw it.

Today, as I moved to hold the cream in my other hand, I had to chuckle to myself.
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