Sunday, October 09, 2011

Occupy Port Townsend

Port Townsend's population is only 9000, and we don't have the headquarters of any major financial institutions here. Still, today we had a lone protester at the corner of Sims Way and Kearney St.

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I took my kids to see him. I felt like I was taking them to the zoo. "Now kids, this is what a 'protester' looks like." Really, I wanted them to have this in their memory if the Occupy movement leads to something bigger, or if they ever consider protesting something themselves. They will have a concrete memory to work from.

He let me take his picture. 3 pictures, since his sign had 3 sides.
"Protest Locally"

"Support Our Troops"
"YouTube is Life Unfiltered"
That last one has me the most concerned. The only protester, with only 3 messages to share, and one of them is about how a Google property is so great.

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