Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Diary

Good sleep last night.  The baby slept on my from 11pm to 7am or so.  Then Julie kept the twins while I slept another 90 minutes.  Still tired, but Julie is sick & shoulda been the one to sleep in.  Found that last night's chicken noodle soup (what's a chicken noodle?) was out all night; put it on LO to simmer until lunch time.  Breakfast as usual (eggs w/ sausage & cheese, tea w/ milk and honey, toast w/ butter & jam). 
Clear skies & sun.  Took the kids out to play on the bike while Julie slept.  Pulled all 3 in the bike trailer over to the house with chickens. No one home, so we rode on through the neighborhood, and then home.  Zephyr & I played outside another 1/2 hour.  He says "bike" now, but says it as "kai-ka", after Dylans "bike-a".  Cleaned the garage & prepared the speakers for sale.
Got Home Server back on line.
Lunch of hot, dense, overcooked, delicious soup.  Played Black and White 2 Demo with Reid while everyone else slept.  Kids now watching Curious George.  Again.  Gonna play a little more now.
Tomorrow is a big day. Doctor; Laurel arrives.  Must clean a bit. 


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