Thursday, December 13, 2007

Biking the wrong way

Today I drove the U-Haul truck from Port Townsend to Sequim to drop it off. My plan was to bring my bicycle along, bike from the drop-off to the bus stop, and catch the bus back home. This bus only runs about every 3 hours, so it was important to time things correctly. I failed.

First, I didn't have internet access working in the new house, so I couldn't look up bus info, and couldn't remember it well.

Second, I wasn't paying attention to the clock.

Third, I rode my bike on the wrong path. Here's what I could have done:

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(Assume I cut across that sharp left turn that Google Maps won't let me do, because it thinks this is for a car.)

But I turned left too early, and meandered around for a while. Here's what I did instead:

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That's 7.5 miles. I'm pretty impressed with myself, considering how long it has been since I was in shape, and how, with the move & everything, the last couple months have been little exercise and a gain of 10 pounds.

And then, after the bus ride, I rode the bike up the big hill to the house.

And then, I put the babies in the stroller, and walked to the grocery store to get dinner for the family.

I'm feeling proud of myself, and very hopefull for my future exercise.

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Sandy said...

For a quick moment I said "oh no!" inside. Then I remembered how awesome it feels when you accomplish something like that. Especially when it involves exercising.

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