Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How dumb do phishers think I am?

I just got a mail with this contents:

Dear Customer, jbasuki.

You are receiving this message, due to you protection, Our Online Technical Security Service Foreign IP Spy recently detected that your online account was recently logged on from am without am International Access Code (I.A.C) and from an unregistered computer, which was not verified by the Our Online Service Department.

If you last logged in you online account on Thursday April 5th 2007, by the time 6:45 pm from an Foreign Ip their is no need for you to panic, but if you did log in your account on the above Date and Time, kindly take 2-3 minute of your online
banking experince to verify and register your computer now to avoid identity
theft, your protection is our future medal.

Verification Link

Notice: You can acess your account from a foreign IP or
country by getting am (I.A.C) International Access Code, by contacting our local
brances close to you.

Do people really fall for such badd speling and gramer?

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