Monday, April 16, 2007

Plant walk

On Sunday Reid & I went on a plant walk in Discovery Park. It turned out we were the only people who showed (besides the leader).

I met a lot of plants that I hope to meet again, including Stinging nettle, Plantain, and Horsetail. I'm pretty sure I've seen plantain around my neighboorhood; I am looking forward to finding it & adding it to my local snacking menu, which currently includes chickweed, dandelion, and blackberries.

I'd like to find something close to home that will make a tasty tea.

At the right is a snap of horsetail that I took.

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Jan Bosman said...


Those are some really great plants to know for this area. If the babes ever get a sting or cut, chew some of that plantain up and use it as a poultice.

I've also been learning a lot about Stinging Nettle - how to use it for primitive rope, a powerful infusion, tea, or soup. It's pretty awesome stuff.

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