Friday, March 09, 2007

A change in drinkware

The babies have broken a lot of glasses recently. Luckily they haven't gotten cut, but we still needed to find something to drink out of.


- Sturdy, so babies can't break them easily

- 12-20oz seems like the right size

- fits comfortably in the dishwasher

- Not plastic, for reasons I described before.

- Cheap, ideally something that we can get used.

This turned out to be an easy one: we're using pint, regular-mouth mason jars. The meet all of the above, plus they can take a secure lid, so babies won't spill my pint of milk on the carpet.

I'm wondering how well they would work for tea and coffee, especially since you can get them with a handle. Will they cope with the thermal stress?


Tim said...

"Will they cope with the thermal stress?"

Yes. As long as you don't subject them to extreme temperature changes like taking one out of the freezer and pouring boiling liquid in, they'll be fine.

My mom drinks herbal tea & coffee out of these all the time.

Anonymous said...

The jars are made for canning, and that involves heat, so I'd imagine they would hold up well with hot beverages. We are having the same dilemma here with the storage containers. I especially worry about Kevin microwaving leftovers in plastic containters at work! Brainstorming solutions as well...

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