Saturday, January 14, 2006

Yoga of Eating

I just finished reading The Yoga of Eating by Charles Eisenstein.

My first exposure to his writing was in his article, The Economics of Fermentation (a variation in Wise Traditions), mentioned in a previous post.

Something about his writing always seems to ring true with me. Perhaps he's saying things that I know but can't articulate yet. Or perhaps he has an attractive writing style. Or something else, I don't know.

There are some ideas in this book that have really got me thinking. I won't go in to detail now, just listing a few.

  • Changing one thing means changing every thing.
  • If you listen closely to your body, it will tell you what nutrition it needs. If you hear it saying "eat cake", then eat cake!
  • The way that our modern lives feel so busy, so hectic is not an unfortunate consequence of our lifestyle, but a central feature. In software we say "it's not a bug, it's a feature".

More to come.


James Adams said...

Care to elaborate? :) In what way are you both, and what made you think about that?

By the way; any news on the twins?

Jay Bazuzi said...

Did you mean to comment on

Avaylee said...

I've been continuing my read throught this book and have been thinking about how my life affects my eating... especially the hectic, busy bit. My company designs a product that makes people always reachable. The number follows you from your office to your cell to your home, with the idea being that it is always important to be in the loop, to be reachable. This is just another example of how being busy and hectic is the way life it, not a consequence. We create a reality in which you can always be "on call". So when do you turn the phones off and just relax?

More pondering on this one... I am so enjoying this book though. Lunch becomes a very different experience when it's enjoyed in near silence.

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