Saturday, December 04, 2004

Giving where it matters

I'd rather not give stuff at all. In my life, I think that having less stuff will make me more happy. Why must I curse the folks I live with more junk?

For several years, we've been making donations to charity on behalf of family members.

- Assume that our average gift is $30.
- Since we know the gift really helps someone out, we'll give a bit more.
- Since the gift is tax deductable, we'll give a bit more.
- My employer matches charitable donations 1:1
- Since my donation is doubled, the dontaion is highly leveraged, so we'll give a bit more.

If we give $50 per person, and give to 12 people, and my employer matches, the charity gets a $1200 gift. That kind of gift can make a huge difference for a small charity.

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